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Table of Contents

  1. Student Accessibility Services (SAS) 

  2. Health and Wellness:  

  3. Aboriginal Cultural and Support Services: 

  4. Indigenous Student Services Centre: 

  5. Ombudsperson: 

  6. Academic Advising (Student Services) - see emails from Hope and Sarah

The Lakehead Students Counselling and Wellness Guide: 

Lakehead University Student Union Official Website : 

Lakehead University Student Union Instagram:

Please see below for more information and additional resources.


1. SAS Resources

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) coordinates services and facilitates the provision of academic accommodations for students with temporary and/or permanent disabilities/medical conditions.

For more information about accommodations please see the SAS website.


The process:

(1)   Accommodations are provided on an individual basis. Complete the forms and send them to the office of Student Accessibility Services (SAS). The form should list functional limitations and outline suggested academic accommodations.

a. Suggested academic accommodations may be note-taking, recording of lectures, text in an alternate format. Exam and test accommodations may include extra time, alternative setting, and the use of assistive devices. Please note that SAS does not modify any part of the course, the student must meet the essential requirements of the course or program with the accommodations.

(2)   May request interim accommodations pending receipt of documentation. Contact SAS for more information.

(3)   An Accessibility Advisor will go over the documentation with you and decide on accommodations.

(4)   The Accessibility Advisor will email you to confirm your accommodations. You must return an email confirming your accommodations. Then they will be sent to your professors and instructors.

(5)   The Accessibility Advisor will send you emails – be sure to check your email and confirm each term if you still require accommodations.

A more in-depth timeline is available here: 


2. Health and Wellness


For more mental health resources for BLFL law students, please see:  Law Student Supports.pdf


3. Aboriginal Cultural and Support Services

For more information visit the webpage here


4. Indigenous Student Services Centre

Academic Services 

Offers support including essay writing, research, computer support, and tutoring. For a full list of services please visit the Indigenous Initiatives Academic Services webpage.

Cultural Services

Offers a variety of cultural services and activities, for a full list please visit their webpage

Individual Services

The Indigenous Student Counsellor is available for telephone and/or zoom appointments. Visit the webpage to see more information and booking information. 


5. Ombudsperson 

The Office of the Ombudsperson provides confidential guidance, assistance, and support services to all members of the Lakehead University community. The office provides assistance on issues including academic concerns (courses, placements, grading, appeals, and plagiarism) and non-academic concerns (personal matters, financial aid, fees, registration, safety, interpersonal conflict, housing and residence, employment, and misconduct). The Ombudsperson is impartial, confidential, independent, informal, approachable and easy to access, and responsive. 

Please find more information and a link to make appointments here:


6. Academic Advising - Student Services 

Please contact Hope or Sarah.

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