Teams & Clubs 

All returning clubs must submit a Club Renewal Form each year to be eligible for funding.

All new clubs must submit a Club Ratification Form each year to be eligible for funding. 

Club Funding and Access to Justice Funding applications are due on a bi-annual basis. 


Please direct any questions to VP Communications who will forward them to the appropriate party. 

Bora Laskin Mental Health and Wellness


The Bora Laskin Mental Health and Wellness initiative plans various mental health breaks throughout the year to allow students to de-stress and relax. We strive to promote student wellness, to allow students to learn about various campus supports for any mental health issues that may arise, and to raise awareness about mental health issues across Canada. We further work to advocate for additional and more extensive mental health supports at the Bora Laskin School of Law. Some upcoming and past events include: World Suicide Prevention Day and Pet Therapy Days (held bi-annually).


Contact Katie Akey at to get involved or if you have questions.

Bora Laskin OUTlaws

OUTLaws goal is to promote diversity and a sense of community within the law school and legal profession for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Allies (LGBQTA+).


OUTLaws hopes to sponsor speakers, facilitate panels, engage in community activism, and host social and other community-building events. This group will bring Bora Laskin's attention to issues of special concerns for LGBQTA+ students and serve as a bridge between the students, staff, alumni and legal community in Thunder Bay. 

Denning's Darners

Denning’s Darners is a crafting club. Our club provides healthy stress-free activities for law students to learn and enjoy. This year our aim is to hold a crafting activity once a month. Craft activities will be based on the interests of the students and or the season in which the activity is being held. All levels of crafting ability welcome.

Environmental Law Students Association

The Environmental Law Students Association (ELSA) aims to: promote the preservation, conservation, and protection of wildlife and natural ecosystems; promote the practice of environmental law in Ontario; enable students to submit their opinions on both Federal and Provincial environmental laws; and inform the student body of ongoing environmental issues in their area and Ontario.

First Generation Network - Lakehead Chapter

The FGN is a non-profit organization aiming to reduce barriers law students face who are first
in their family to complete post-secondary education. We work closely with law firms and
student organizations to help first generation students prepare for their future legal careers.

We are a non-profit organization aiming to reduce barriers law students face who are first in
their family to complete post-secondary education.

From networking events to our flagship Mentorship Program, we offer resources for first
generation students in law school to alleviate the unique barriers faced by these students.

Indigenous Law Students Association

The Indigenous Law Students Association (ILSA) is a student support network aimed at creating and maintaining space for indigenous cultures at the Bora Laskin Faculty of Law and within the community of Thunder Bay. Our main aims are to support fellow Indigenous law students both throughout and beyond their time at Bora Laskin; to promote awareness of Indigenous culture, values, and beliefs amongst the large student body; and to forge connections with and hopefully serve as an ally for individuals and organizations in the community. ILSA meetings on a monthly basis and plans to organize and host a number of events throughout the year which will support the goal of celebrating Indigenous culture, experiences, and perspectives. 


At ILSA we believe that working together we can make a difference!

Labour Law Association

The Lakehead University Labour Law Association aims to provide resources to students who are interested in Labour and Employment Law. Students discuss current issues in labour relations, facilitate discussion with professionals in the industry, share resources with students looking to explore the field, and provide opportunities for students to get involved in the Labour and Employment Law community. In addition to holding regular meetings, LULLA organizes two events per academic year: a professional development event in the fall semester and an advocacy event in the winter semester. 

Lakehead Law Soccer Club

The Lakehead Law Soccer Club currently has two co-ed teams. We play every Sunday at Lakehead's main campus against other Lakehead teams. The league has 16 teams and the season lasts all year.  Soccer is a great way to get some exercise and blow off some steam before the busy school week starts! Also, we have players of all different skill levels, so everyone is welcome! The season begins in early October and goes until early April.

The Northern Law Compass  ("The Compass")

The Northern Law Compass is Bora Laskin Faculty of Law's student-run newspaper that publishes twice a year. This year there will be a release in Fall 2018 and Spring 2019.


The Compass will provide students with a platform to write about relevant legal issues, issues pertaining to the North and law student life.


This year the Compass is going to create an interactive web-based space to have the Compass published online for the first time ever. 

Pre-Law Society

Our main goal is to assist individuals with the process leading up to and including the application to law school. Potential law applicants are often overwhelmed with the amount of work involved in the preparation portion of this matter. As a society, we strive to assist individuals with this process through tutorials, access to books and materials, one-on-one review sessions, Q&A
sessions, and individualized assistance of almost any means. Our resources are free to both Lakehead students and community members and can be accessed by contacting us through email, Facebook, or our website.


LSAT Tutorials


The LUPLS offers LSAT tutorials run my current law students. The tutorials are intended to
expose attendees to each section of the LSAT to gain experience answering a variety of
question types. The classes themselves consist of law students reviewing practice questions
and explaining how to analyze and answer specific question while also providing tips on how
to study and approach the LSAT generally. These tutorials are designed to provide guidance
and knowledge about the test in a format that is otherwise unavailable in Northwestern Ontario.
Mentor Opportunities.

If you have questions and are interested in speaking with a law student directly, contact us through our email and we will connect you with a law student who is eager to speak with you about the LSAT, law school, or the application process.


Mock LSATs


The LUPLS offers multiple mock LSATs during the fall and winter semesters. Our goal is to provide students and community members access to practice tests free of charge while under actual test conditions. This allows test writers to fully comprehend the intensity of the test and mentally prepare themselves for the actual LSAT.


Upcoming Events


Fall 2018
Oct. 2nd -- LSAT Information Session
Oct. 20th – Personal Statement/Application Review Session
Oct. 20th -- LSAT Tutorial (Logic Reasoning)
Oct. 27th -- LSAT Tutorial (Reading Comprehension)
Nov. 3rd -- LSAT Tutorial (Logic Games)
Nov. 10th -- Mock LSAT


Winter 2019
Jan. 19th -- Mock LSAT
February – Law School Application Information Session (Date to come)
Mar. 2nd -- LSAT Tutorial (Logic Reasoning)
Mar. 9th -- LSAT Tutorial (Reading Comprehension)
Mar. 16th -- LSAT Tutorial (Logic Games)
Mar. 23rd -- Mock LSAT


Find us at
Lakehead University Bora Laskin Faculty of Law (PACI Building)
401 Red River Rd
Thunder Bay, ON
P7B 1B4

Sports Law Committee

The Sports Law Committee runs a golf tournament and a March Madness tournament. Both events are fundraisers to assist First Nation youth athletics initiatives. The year, the SLC is supporting Franklin Dennis Cromarty High School's athletic program. This aboriginal high school is significant;y underfunded as a federally funded school. The youth have less athletic opportunities because of this issue. Our club attempts to mitigate this problem. 


Golf Tournament detail: September 21, 2018 from 12pm-5pm at Chapple's Golf Course. Many lawyers, students, faculty will be in attendance. 


March Madness tournament details: sometime in March-April Details TBA 


Oral advocacy society with the purpose of developing confidence in public speaking. We aim to polish communication and articulation skills in order to better students' ability to litigate. 

Women in Law Society

Women in Law Society has many active members from 1st year to 3rd year. The WLS Executive leaders for the 2018-2019 academic year is made up of 2L students Amanda Persaud-Thomas and Georgette Lemieux.


 Person’s Day Breakfast with LEAF
 Guest Speaker: Fall 2018
 Halloween (Fundraiser) Bake Sale, October 31st, 2018
 Annual Fall Variety Show, with proceeds going to the Elizabeth Fry Society of Northwestern Ontario's Jail Program
 Annual Luncheon discussion panel with local females of the Bar - Spring 2019 Community Involvement 2018-2019



The WLS will be establishing community partnerships with local shelters which will have
volunteer opportunities for all Bora Laskin students.
The WLS is open to all students, alumni; faculty for membership.


Find us at
Lakehead University Bora Laskin Faculty of Law (PACI Building)
401 Red River Rd
Thunder Bay, ON
P7B 1B4

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