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Teams & Clubs 

Risk Management

All clubs looking to host events (on or off-campus) must complete the Risk Management form no less than 14-days in advance. Please email the completed form to VP Operations, Jennifer Kasowski ( for approval and transfer to Main Campus.

Forms, as well as additional information, are available at the Office of Risk Management Webpage. 

Club Renewal & Ratification

All returning clubs must submit a Club Renewal Form each year to be eligible for funding.

All new clubs must submit a Club Ratification Form each year to be eligible for funding. 

Club Funding applications are due on a bi-annual basis. 


Please direct any questions to VP Communications who will forward them to the appropriate party. 




Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers (CARL)-Lakehead University Student Chapter

CARL-L'ACAADR at Lakehead University, Bora Laskin Faculty of Law is the student chapter

of CARL National. We serve to raise on-campus awareness of important issues related to

forced migration and the Canadian refugee protection system. 

Contact: to get involved or if you have any questions. 


First Generation Network - Lakehead Chapter


The First Generation Network (FGN) was founded at Osgoode Hall in 2015

aimed at addressing the unique socio-economic and professional barriers that law

students might face as the first in their family to receive post-secondary


Lakehead’s own First Generation Network: Bora Laskin Chapter is in its fifth

year of operation and looks forward to providing first generation law students

with invaluable supports such as the Mentorship Program. The Mentorship

program matches first generation students with similarly situated lawyers to help

them navigate the unique economic, social, and professional challenges that first

generation students are faced with.


In addition, online workshops and conferences are also held to focus on building

specific skills within the legal profession.



Women in Law Society

Lakehead University Women in Law is a student run organization that operates from an

anti-oppression, intersectional feminist perspective. This approach acknowledges that individuals

face oppression simultaneously through various biological, cultural, and social axes of identity

including sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, class, citizenship, ability, colour, size, religion,

location, age, and country of origin, which contribute to systemic and institutionalized

social inequality and injustice. 


As future lawyers, we strive to address gendered issues and obstacles in both the legal profession

and the Thunder Bay community. We work with various local organizations to bring inspirational

speakers to the faculty of law, and to raise money that directly supports individuals in our community. 





Human Rights Law Club 


The Bora Laskin Human Rights Law Club seeks to raise awareness about current human rights

issues and topics in domestic and international human rights fields, focusing on their legal implications.

The Club will engage both students and the community by exploring different ways individuals can

become involved in addressing human rights issues through social justice initiatives.


Please email for more information about membership and upcoming events.



Italian Canadian Law Students Society

The objective of the Italian Canadian Law Students Society (ICLaSS) at the Bora Laskin

faculty of law is to encourage, promote and enjoy Italian culture. ICLaSS recognizes the

diversity of the Lakehead Community and the larger community of Thunder Bay and the

impact that the Italian Canadian Community has had on the spirit of the community at large.

ICLass will strive to promote the diversity of our community through events both social and

educational. We will strive to draw parallels between student life and the importance

legal professionals have on their respective Italian Canadian Communities.

We hope to demonstrate how Italian Canadian upbringings are an asset a student legal career.


Table Talkers


Lakehead Table Talkers strives to provide a calm practise environment for students to

practise their advocacy skills and receive soft criticism. The primary activity will be

weekly ‘Toastmaster’ sessions, in which the students debate on a topic with no prior

preparation, in 3-minute segments or less.


The Club Objectives are; (1) To improve oral advocacy among members, (2) to build

leadership skills and maximize potential, (3) to build confidence at public speaking,

and (4) to develop the orator skills necessary for the legal profession.



Sports Law Club

The Sports Law Club (SLC) will be hosting its annual charity golf tournament,

the 4th annual Back-To-School Golf Tournament, in collaboration with the

Lakehead Law Golf Club, on October 1st, 2022. 

Students, faculty, and lawyers are all welcome.


The annual golf tournament seeks to raise funds for local Indigenous youth

athletics initiatives. This coming year, the SLC will continue to support Dennis Franklin

Cromarty High School's athletic program. This Indigenous high school is significantly

underfunded as a federally funded school. Unfortunately, the youth have much less athletic

opportunities because of this issue and the SLC hopes to be able to mitigate this problem.


The SLC will also be hosting sports law related events throughout the academic year.



Runnymede Society – Bora Laskin Faculty of Law Chapter


Through on-campus debates and discussion, Runnymede ensures that free speech

and intellectual diversity remain an active part of Canadian law school life.

Runnymede provides outstanding support and opportunities for intellectual

enrichment, networking, and professional development, including by providing

members opportunities to meet and enrich their legal knowledge with professors,

practitioners, and judges.



Health Law Club


The Health Law Club is hoping to have events every one-two months, which

includes Bell Let’s Talk, Suicide Prevention Week, Yoga Sessions, a presentation

with Goran Gold, and more!



The Labour & Employment Law Association (LELA)


The Labour & Employment Law Association (LELA) aims to provide resources to

students who are interested in Labour and Employment Law. Students discuss current

issues in labour relations, facilitate discussion with professionals in the industry, share

resources with students looking to explore the field, and provide opportunities for

students to get involved in the Labour and Employment Law community. In addition to

holding regular meetings, LELA organizes two events per academic year: a

professional development event in the fall semester and an advocacy event in the

winter semester!


Black Law Students’ Association of Lakehead



The Black Law Students’ Association of Lakehead University (BLSA) is excited for the

new school year to reconnect with our members, and to introduce our team to the

incoming students. The Bora Laskin Faculty of Law’s BLSA chapter was founded in

2019 to show future black lawyers that our faculty can be a place for them to excel

academically and professionally. We are proud to provide resources for networking,

mentoring, fundraising activities, and to host our annual Black History Month


BLSA Canada reflects the diversity of the Black experience and welcome allies from

all backgrounds who also seek to make a contribution to the furtherance of justice. Our

chapter will continue to discuss issues of race and social justice in the community;


leaving a trail for future students to walk along, to gain inspiration, and to continue the

work BLSA has started.



Indigenous Law Students Association 

The aim of the ILSA is law student support first, community leadership second. The

ILSA hopes to facilitate the opportunity to learn from one another (not ABOUT one

another) in a safe and supportive environment. To share stories, triumphs and

heartaches. To blend community values and cultures. To be an example for the rest of

the community. To show that with dialogue, understanding, and that “Lakehead Law

enthusiasm” we can make a difference at our school, in the community, and in the

legal profession.

ILSA is planning to host movie nights, panel talks with Indigenous speakers, Aboriginal

Perspective hour events including elder talks, and workshops as well as many more

events geared towards facilitating the opportunity to learn from and one another.



LU Law Student Parent and Caregiver Association

The Law Student Parent and Caregiver Association was ratified by the LSS in 2023. In response to the specific challenges faced by law students who are parents and/or caregivers, this association seeks to offer an informal, inclusive and supportive network for law students who are also parents and/or caregivers. The LSPA organizes panel presentations and workshops on topics relevant to its members and parents/caregivers interested in joining the legal profession. Check out our facebook page. Feel free to contact Club Executives Elena Kusaka or Amy Simons at lawstudentparentandcaregiver [at] We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.



Lakehead Christian Legal Fellowship

We are Lakehead Christian Legal Fellowship, a group of law students who come together to provide encouragement, support, community, and mentorship. We're here to support students wherever they are on their faith journey and to create space for conversations about the relationship between our faith and the study and practice of law. We are part of a larger community called Christian Legal Fellowship (CLF) – Canada's national association of Christian lawyers and law students, with 16 other law student Clubs across Canada. 

We meet regularly for community fellowship, spiritual support, and larger discussions and events as we explore the intersection of law and faith. To get connected with us, don't hesitate to get in touch with Jaaron at

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