2020-2021 LSS Members

My name is Alyssa Buttineau, I am a 2L student at the Bora Laskin Faculty of Law. I completed my undergraduate degree from Lakehead University in Criminology and Political Science before continuing my legal studies at the University of Saskatchewan where I completed the Program of Legal Studies for Native People (PLSNP) focusing on property law. Throughout my studies I have developed a keen interest in areas of Constitutional, International and Indigenous law.


I am a strong advocate for access to justice and human rights. As part of my passion, I have managed and developed not-for-profit fundraisers for multiple charities to provide education and financial support for minority and vulnerable groups since 2015. Over the course of my academic career I have become increasingly involved in student advocacy and community engagement. This year, I am honoured to have been elected by my peers as the President of the Lakehead Law Student Society, Communications officer of the Indigenous Law Student Association, and Operations executive of the Lakehead Chapter of the Runnymede Society.

Alyssa Buttineau, President

Hi folks! My name is Dan and I am incredibly excited to be your VP of Finance this year. A bit about me, I did my undergraduate degree at McMaster University in Honours Political Science and History. After completing my undergrad, I worked in the non-profit industry for four years with a focus on corporate sponsorship and business development. I left the non-profit industry for a quick stint in marketing, before I decided it was time to really reflect on my career goals. This ultimately led me to law and here I am!


Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about LSS finances, law, favourite places to eat in Thunder Bay or Toronto - or really anything!

Daniel Mulroy, VP Finance

Kimberly Kenney (but you can call her KIM!) is the Vice President of Operations. Kim was born and raised in Iroquois Falls, a small Northern Ontario community of roughly four-thousand people. In 2015, Kim moved to Ottawa to pursue an Honours Bachelor of Social Sciences with a Major in Criminology and Minor in Law at the University of Ottawa. 


Upon graduation, she moved to Thunder Bay where she is now in her second year of law school. Kim hopes to one day return to the North and open her own practice. She is interested in Civil and Corporate litigation, Wills, Estates, Real Estate, and Bankruptcy. On the LSS, Kim hosts social and networking events that include students, staff, faculty, and lawyers throughout Ontario. Her next event is the Rural Lawyers Panel, be sure to tune in! 

Kimberly Kenney, VP Operations

Cole Singleton, VP External Affairs

Hi Everyone,


My name is Cole Singleton and I am from Toronto but fell in love with all the North has to offer a number of years ago while tree-planting and guiding canoe trips. While there is an endless list of amazing things to do in Thunder Bay some of my favourites include the Foundry, the world class Tomlin Chicken sandwich, night skiing and a couple Forgotten Lakes or a ski at Lappe.


I am the the Vice-President of external relations and like everything else, Covid threw a wrench in our plans for the year. A couple of events to look forward to in the new year may include the McGilligan Memorial Cup (Basketball), the Cal Duthie Hockey Game, Law vs Med Games and a Trivia Night with the local bar. 


While we are all unsure of where the world will be in the new year, I hope to put together a team from Lakehead to go to Law Games 2021 hosted in Quebec this year. This will be Lakehead’s first year participating and I am confident that we can make quite the splash. The competitions and events include: academic competitions (moots, speeches and trivia); athletic competitions (basketball, hockey, volleyball, dodge-ball, etc.); and a talent show, pub crawl and formal dinner so that we may connect with law students across Canada.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about upcoming events or feel free to make a suggestion about an event you want to see happen.




Hi Everyone,


My name is Carolyna Lopez and I’ll be your VP communications for the 2020-2021 academic year.  I was born and raised in Hamilton and currently living there while I study remotely. My passion for communications began when I majored in Communication studies at McMaster University and immediately fell in love with the program. I strongly believe that strong communication is a key component in our day to day relationships and is an important and necessary skill when advocating as a lawyer. Some of my interests include soccer, volleyball, and volunteering. Although this year will look different due to COVID-19, I hope to inform the students about all the great things going on at our school! 


Carolyna Lopez, VP Communications

Hey there!  My name is Sharon Tathgur and I am the 2020/2021 Vice-President of Fundraising for Lakehead Law Students’ Society. My role consists of all things fundraising, collaborating with the other VP representatives during their events, as well as the annual clothing orders. I completed a Bachelor’s of Social Work at Ryerson University and worked within the field for three years with respect to mental health awareness and access to justice. Every day we continue to learn and re-learn important perspectives. Those three years provided me with a substantial amount of experience, and I am excited to see where law takes me next. Outside of law school, my ‘side business’ consists of everything and anything film. 


Sharon Tathgur, VP Fundraising

My name is Danika Goshulak. I am the 2020/2021 Vice-President Academic of the Lakehead Law Students' Society. I graduated from York University with a Bachelor's degree in International Development and a Master's degree in Politics. As a 1L, I developed a keen interest in criminal law and gained valuable experience as a Pro Bono placement student. 


As VP Academic, I am tasked with responding to any and all student questions and concerns relating to academics -- be it the curriculum, faculty, or other concerns. For me, Bora Laskin is a place of community and a space that both supports and challenges students. I am proud to have the opportunity to advocate for my fellow students at Bora Laskin, and I hope to make the 1L law school transition as seamless as possible.


Danika Goshulak, VP Academic

I’m Erin and I’m one of two Directors of 1L Issues with the LSS. I’m studying remotely from Guelph, ON this year and I think I can speak for most of my classmates when I say what a unique challenge navigating online learning has been! I’m looking forward to moving up to Thunder Bay in the near future. 

I studied communications and music at the University of Ottawa and decided to turn towards law after a few years of life experience. I’m very happy to be at Bora Laskin Faculty of Law, and excited to have the opportunity to represent other 1L’s.


I love a good travel story, trying new food, live music and running. If you have any questions/ concerns or just want to say “Hi”, feel free to reach out. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s face in real life. 


Erin Rooney,

Director of First Year Issues

My name is Rosalyn and I am one of the two Directors of 1L Issues on the Lakehead Law Students’ Society. I am originally from Thunder Bay but I have spent time in several Northern Ontario communities while growing up. I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Ottawa and I am interested in intellectual property law and natural resource law. Some of my favourite activities to do around Thunder Bay include rock/ice climbing, kiteboarding, and skiing.

Starting law school online was not what I had in mind when I first applied, but we have made the best out of this situation. I am excited to represent this year's 1Ls and I look forward to meeting everyone soon.

Please feel free to reach out to me with your 1L related concerns or anything at all!(rpskiffi@lakeheadu.ca)

Rosalyn Skiffington,

Director of First Year Issues

Hi friends, 

My name is Adrianna Mucciarelli and I am part of the LSS as one of the Directors of 2L Issues. My role is to bring forward any concerns from the 2L class - however, my email inbox is always open to anyone. 

I was born and raised in Southern Ontario. However, Thunder Bay quickly stole my heart and it now lies within the North. I completed my Honours BA at Wilfrid Laurier University where I graduated with a Major in Social Work and a Minor in Criminology. I have always been passionate about doing advocacy work within the Criminal Justice System. As an undergraduate student I had the opportunity to work within the Ministry of the Attorney General in a number of different capacities - this is what ultimately guided me to pursue a career in law. The dream is to one day return to the Crowns office as a prosecutor. 

When we aren’t in a global lockdown, I thoroughly enjoy spending time laughing with friends and family. My motto continues to be that “life is too short to take anything too seriously”, so I encourage you to laugh even when you are knee deep in readings with exams are around the corner!


Adrianna Mucciarelli, 

Direct of Second Year Issues

Hi Everyone!


My name is Niloufar Sadroddini and I am currently in 2L serving as the 2020/2021 Director of Third Year Issues of the Lakehead Law Students' Society (LSS). I have a Master's Degree in Sociology from Lakehead University where I completed my research paper with a focus on immigration studies in Northwestern Ontario. I have lived in quite a number of different cities including Tehran, Toronto, Edmonton, and of course, Thunder Bay! I am very excited to be part of LSS in order to fairly address the questions and/or concerns of law students. 


Niloufar Sadroddini,  

Director of Third Year Issues 

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